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Our smart connected coffee bean jar ensures that you always have freshly roasted coffee right when you need it.

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We make coffee delivery simple and convenient.

Our coffee bean jar guarantees you get a coffee delivery right when you need it. We help you stay connected with your coffee supply without hassle.
Peace of mind and convenience at no extra cost.

Staying caffeinated has never been easier.

Our jar enables you with the following super powers.

Low Coffee Reminders

Our jar connects with our smartphone app to alert you to low coffee quantity.

Plus, if automatic reorder isn’t your cup of joe, our app can notify you to pick up more.

Automatic Refills

For the ultimate in convenience, our app will automatically schedule deliveries of new beans before you run out.

Pay one flat rate for beans ahead of time or per order.

Coffee Queue

Build your own custom coffee queue with the coffee you want shipped from us or a variety of known roasters.

If you prefer, we can curate and ship coffee varieties for you based on your flavor profile.

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Exceptional convenience

Our smart coffee jar keeps your beans fresh while looking great on your countertop.

The jar features an airtight lid, a ceramic bean storage container, and a smart inventory monitor with user replaceable batteries.

Connected to your smartphone.

Our smart coffee jar will sends data to your smartphone in the background via Bluetooth Low Energy. When an update is ready, your phone will be the messenger.

Our app allows you to receive push notifications on your smartphone. The number and type of notifications will be dictated by your preferences, which you can adjust at any time. Notifications include low coffee reminders, requesting confirmation of an upcoming shipment, and shipment notifications.

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Location-based Reminders

Don't want automatic shipments? No problem, you can just get reminders.

Our app will give you reminders to get more coffee when you're at the store.

Shipment Confirmations

Don't worry, if you don't want to get shipments without your permission, you can set our app to request confirmation before we roast and ship your beans.

You get complete control over your shipping.

Full Auto Mode

The ultimate in peace of mind and convenience. You'll get notifications when your coffee is roasted and shipped.

We have multiple selections for optimizing your queue automatically for a truly hands-off coffee experience.

How does the Jar work?

The jar measures your coffee level by weight on a periodic basis. The inventory monitor connects to your smartphone in the background via Bluetooth Low Energy. This allows the jar to update our app with the latest weight of coffee in the jar.

Where does my inventory data go?

If you simply want reminders, the inventory data stays on your phone. If you want automatic delivery, we'll store your inventory data in the cloud so we can ensure you get the delivery trigger at the right time.

Do I have to buy your coffee?

No! We're working with roasters of all kinds to provide you with a selection of craft coffee to choose from. We believe choice is an essential component of providing an excellent coffee experience with zero hassle.

When are you launching?

We're planning on launching our crowd-funding campaign in June with delivery in December 2015.

I'm a heavy drinker. 12 oz isn't enough for a week. How will you help me?

If you drink more than 12oz of coffee per week, we'll enable you to get quantities of more than one pound per shipment. Our jar will hold up to 16oz, so you just refill the jar when you're ready.

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